Never(everevereverneverever) cross your legs/ankels(ever). it ruins the whole imige, and you'll have to start all over(noooooo).

Exercise a lot to gain extra muscles.

If you wear a school uniform, try to hide your chest under the polo. Wear jackets or sweaters as much as possible, sweater-vests are good for this. Also wear the boys uniform and wear boyish shoes.

Work out. This doesn't mean that you should go to the gym and lift huge weights everyday, just keep your weight at a healthy level and remember to do your push-ups! Take advatige of gym class.

Go out and enjoy nature. The key is not to be afraid of spiders, bugs, and the like. Or, if there's a girly-girl screaming about the bug in front of her pick it up and move it outside. It really impresses guys to know that you aren't afraid of creepy things, but everything has a right to live.

Don't be afraid to gush over boys, but in private, alone.

Get used to hearing the people around you belch and make other unpleasant noises and smells with their bodies. Odds are, you'll spend a lot of time surrounded by testosterone, which doesn't always favor good hygiene and etiquette. However, have some self-respect. *For jeans don't go with the "pencil thin" jeans, try out the guy's slim fit (they do well) or if you can't stand the idea of wearing guys jeans, wear the "boyfriend look" jeans, they also make good shirts.


If you use the neoprene binder, remember to put on an A-shirt under it! If you don't you'll get large blisters all up and down your sides, plus you'll smell really bad.

Don't bind with ace bandages too tightly, they can injure you and harm your ribcage.

This can be a hard lifestyle. You'll have to take girly-girls make fun of you. Best thing to do is come up with a witty response and they'll either leave you alone or keep pushing at you. Just ignore them.

Just because you're acting like this doesn't mean that you have to forget your personal hygiene but you don't have to spend hours in the bathroom every morning. Shower at least once a day. Though the boys may smell bad after a game of football, try not to smell that bad. Wear deodorant and keep yourself clean

How to Adopt Masculine Traits

I want to do this! What's This? ..
When females cross-dress to become male, they won't pass unless they adopt some masculine traits. Men and women have different mannerisms and tones of voice. These traits are natural to gender but can be altered with practice. Follow these steps to adopt masculine traits.

1 Get a basic masculine hair cut, such as short in the back and the sides. Make sure not to get a crew cut because it will show the feminine shape of your skull. Comb your hair to the back or side.

2 Shave the peach fuzz off your face. All women have light peach fuzz on their face and sideburn areas but men don't. Shave it regularly and you might even get a little bit of masculine stubble.

3 Start body building to get a more masculine figure. Work out with a personal trainer to learn muscle-building exercises and how to do the exercises correctly to avoid injury.

4 Talk in a deeper voice. A masculine voice is very monotone. Avoid taking supplements to adopt this masculine trait unless you're under the care of a doctor.
don't try to go to deep but little lower works.

5 Sit with your legs apart and your arms out for casual, masculine traits. Crossing your legs is very feminine. Shake hands firmly but don't pump excessively.

6 Believe that you're a man and you'll get a lot of the traits naturally. Have confidence in yourself as a man and others will too.

7 Adopt the men's room. When using the restroom you can sit down in a stall, because all men have to sit once in awhile. If you want to stand you'll need to use a urinary device such as the FTM U-Tube or the Pissin' Passin' Packer.

How to Cross Dress to Look Masculine

I want to do this! What's This? ..
For many women the idea of cross dressing to look masculine is exciting. For some it's just for the thrill of it but others truly feel they were born the wrong gender. Whatever the reason is, it's not too difficult to cross dress and look masculine. Follow these steps to learn how.

1 Take off the strappy bra. In order to look masculine you need to flatten your chest as much as possible before you dress. You can band it with ace bandages if your chest is particularly large or wear a constricting sports bra.

2 Place a Nerf ball in the masculine region securing it in place firmly with a jock strap. It flexes comfortably and really makes the whole cross dressing effect look more believable.

3 Sport some boxers under your pants. This will pull the pants away from the curve of your bottom making it look flatter.

4 Buy men's pants that fit correctly over the hips as you pull them up to dress. If they fit correctly around the waist then they will pull around the hips revealing your curves. Put on suspenders to hold up your pants, not a belt.

5 Grease back your hair if it's relatively short. If your hair is long, braid it tightly or pull it in a low tight ponytail. You may also stuff it down the back of your collar.

6 Wear a man's tank top with a button front shirt over the top. The looseness of your shirt will disguise your figure making you look more masculine.

7 Apply facial hair if you desire after you dress. High-end costume shops such as Kryolan carry realistic mustaches, beards and sideburns.

How to Look Masculine

I want to do this! What's This? ..
In our ever sensitive society, the manly man is becoming about as popular as a Brittney Spears parenting class. No more. There are a growing number of us regular guys who pride themselves in being the macho, masculine, madly driven carnivores that we were made to be. So stick around and read the following steps if you're a man who doesn't want to be seen as a panty waste.

1 Get a tattoo.
Whether it's a stick on or the real thing is no big deal. Just make sure you tell everyone how much you loved it when Bruno the Tattoo Man made your arm bleed for an hour.

2 Wear an eye patch.
While this may seem a bit over the top, nobody will doubt the masculinity of the one eyed wacko staring them down at Wal-Mart.

3 Stick out your chest.
Even bird-chested posers look manlier with their chests jutted out. Add a cocky strut and you'll have any woman within 1000 yards swooning.

4 Walk with a limp.
There's something manly about a limp. Maybe it's an old football injury or perhaps you got your leg slashed in a knife fight or caught in a combine. Just make sure your story is grisly enough to get the attention of your audience.

5 Throw away the razor.
Forget about shaving. Do not doubt the manliness of a guy with a full beard. If you can't pull it off, cut some off the top and fill in the patches. It may look ridiculous but nobody will mistake you for that mild mannered pretty boy you used to be.

6 Cut up your clothes.
True, the shredded look is out but who cares what those pansies on "What Not to Wear" think.

7 Keep from smiling.
Manly men don't smile! They growl and scowl at everyone.

8 Wear some steel toed boots.
Even if they clash with your duds, they'll come in handy when its time to throw down.