How do people choose names?

There's so much to think about when choosing the right name for yourself;
•your own ideas
•your partner's thoughts
•family tradition
•names you've already given to baby's brother or sister...
- the list goes on and on. It's easy to get into a muddle, and then the stress sets in.

Research... reflect... and relax!
Every part of this site is aimed at helping you make that all-important decision. Why not take a look at the steps outlined below?
First of all...

Review popular names
Peek into the ups and downs of those statistics. What's in? What's on the way out? Even if you're not thinking of choosing a popular name - well... you never know what you might find!

Consider unique names
Exotic and uncommon choices are a must for some parents. Are they a good idea? This step on your journey takes you to some very interesting places, and will give many of you pause for thought.

Think about meanings!
This is another crucial part of your journey. Your final choice will almost certainly have its own associations. Better to know now... than later.

Choosing A Boy's Name
The choice of a name may involve many factors and parameters. Some parents choose the name of a favorite family member or ancestor. Others select an ethnic or religious origin name. Is the name also used as a girl's name or is it confusingly similar to a popular girl's name? Whatever your name selection criteria, this website will help you begin making a list of potential names for your precious bundle of joy!

Try and avoid the following types of name:

Cute names: Although a name may seem cute and cuddly to you – and may even suit your whilst he is as a man – it may not be quite as delightful to your child later in life. Your child may grow up to be a high-school principal at the age of forty, and wouldn’t thank you for giving them a name like ‘Fifi Trixibelle’ (the name of Paula Yates’ and Bob Geldof’s daughter). If you must use names like these, they are probably better reserved for the family poodle.

Difficult to spell names: You will probably find that names that are difficult to spell will be commonly misspelled by others, which may become irritating for your child in years to come. The same applies to popular names with that have been given a very different spelling to the traditional one.

Names that don’t suit: Don’t give your self a name that is clearly going to sound inappropriate when he or she is older. For example, it is fine to use names from different backgrounds and cultures as long as the name suits. However, your blue-eyed, blonde-haired daughter may feel odd later in life if she’s given an Indian name like Parminder.

Using place names: This is not actually a no-go area, and some place names make very nice names for yourself. This method of naming babies is becoming increasingly popular. Famous footballer, David Beckham, and his singer wife, Victoria, named their little boy Brooklyn after the place where he was conceived. A very novel idea, but you do have to use your common-sense and be sensible about this. It would certainly not be a good idea if yourself was conceived, for example, in New Delhi.


One good way to know if the name you looking at is one you would like to stay with for next part of your life is wear that naem have your friends call you by it and if it feels right then that is your name and soem time taking addives form other is good but you have to live with that name and wear it and sign it if you don;t feel right with it then don;t use it.